Honest Zircon MS 740 Multiscanner Review 2017

The Zircon MS 740 Multiscanner is a popular choice for those who value the Zircon brand and need a stud finder that’s a good all rounder. It can detect studs and joists, ferrous and non ferrous metals, and live wires. But does it live up to expectations?

You can be confident in this Multiscanner’s results

This Zircon has Spotlite pointing technology to show you the exact location of stud centres, and an erasable marker so that you can mark studs and detections as you go.

Zircon MS 740 stud finder reviewed

It also has ACT (auto correcting technology) which corrects human error, such as starting scanning over a stud. This is a feature that many other Zircon models lack, and something that puts this model up there with the more expensive devices.

These features all mean that you can be confident in the readings from this device. Where other devices might take multiple scans to get the precise location of studs, the MS 740 provides accuracy and precision on the first scan.

The MS740 is easy to use

Zircon models are known for being easy to use, and this device is no different. In fact it’s definitely one of the best stud finders of 2017.

This Multiscanner has a floating head, that keeps the scanner flat, even on rough or textured surfaces. Other models might produce inaccurate results when used on uneven surfaces, but the MS 740 is much more reliable on surfaces of all kinds, and is just as easy to use, regardless of what you have to work with.

The erasable marker also makes it much easier to use than other devices, as you can both operate it and mark detections easily with one hand.

The backlit LCD screen also makes results easy to read, as indicators on the screen will tell you what has been detected and thanks to the signal strength indicator, how deep the detection lies beneath the surface.

The screen also uses ‘any angle’ viewing technology, so no matter what angle you hope to read the screen from, you’ll be able to see readings clearly. This might seem like a minor feature, but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes. It means that you’re less likely to make any errors when noting the results of scanning.

It’s a great all rounder

Many stud finders specialise in finding wooden studs, or metals, or live wires beneath the surface, but this device can detect all of them.

This Zircon can identify and distinguish between ferrous metal (like rebar) and non ferrous metal (like copper pipe). It can detect non ferrous metals up to 1.5 inches, and ferrous metals up to 3 inches deep, which would be considered a ‘deep scan’ with many other devices.

It can also detect live wires up to 2 inches deep, which is something you’ll definitely need to know before you start drilling into any surfaces. Whilst the device has a specific setting for detecting electrical current, it also detects AC current when on stud scan mode, so that you’re definitely aware of any hidden wires.

It’s actually long lasting

Unlike other stud finders, the Zircon MS 740 lasts a fair old while. The device is programmed not to turn on until it’s engaged with a flat surface, which means that there’s no risk of running the battery down whilst you’re not using it.

If you use the erasable marker a lot, you’ll probably be concerned about the moment when it inevitably runs out, but Zircon have thought about that with this model, and include 3 extra refills which will keep you going for a while.

It’s a reasonable price

So, as you can see, it’s a device that’s reliable and accurate, and perfect for both one-time DIYers and professionals.

Most stud finders that would also suit professionals are priced a little more on the expensive side, but the Zircon MS 740 is priced fairly reasonably. Whilst it’s not as cheaply as the Zircon StudSensor models, it has a lot more features, modes and abilities, and isn’t actually too much more, being priced at just under $70.

But when you consider how much it might cost you to have to buy and replace a cheaper and less reliable model, the $70 doesn’t seem so bad.

MS740 review summary

So the Zircon MS 740 is one of the best Zircon models if you’re looking for a device that can do everything. It’s reliable and accurate, and definitely worth buying if you’re just looking for a device that you know will work with no trouble.

Like every stud finder, you’ll need to read the manual to grasp the different modes and their limitations in terms of depth. As long as you use this Zircon as instructed, you should find it’s easy to use and precise in its readings. Click here to check it out!

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