Privacy Policy

This is our little privacy policy. It’s just a quick summary of how we use your information, if you don’t feel the need to read this, then feel free to navigate back to the other pages using the nav bar at the top.

Your information..

A quick word about how we use your information on this website..we feel it’s important to mention the way we use your information, so that if there’s anything you didn’t feel comfortable with, you’d know how to stop this site doing it.

Most people are fine with the way we use your information, as it’s pretty much the same with most websites, but just in case..


Cookies are small bits of information that our website, your browser, and other third party sites involved with this site collect about you and the way you browse the internet. These cookies include information about what sites you’ve visited, how long you stay on them, and the type of things you search for.

These are used mainly on this site to deliver adverts through Google in the form of clickable links or images around the site. These adverts use your cookies to target adverts to you specifically, therefore the site owner does not have any control over what adverts you’re shown as they are coming from a third party, and use your cookies.

For this reason, the site owner cannot be held responsible for the relevancy or irrelevancy of these adverts, but if you don’t feel comfortable using cookies and for our site to use your information in this way, you are able to disable them by going into your internet browser settings and unchecking the ‘allow cookies’ box. If you can’t find this box, search ‘cookies’ in your browsers help section.

Email address

We use your email address in the following way; you’ll notice that in the blog section and possibly in the sidebar on some pages there is a sign up form for our blog updates, where you’ll be asked for your email address. This is completely optional, and you should only do so if you wish to receive regular email updates from this site.

We don’t share your email address unless required by law, and we don’y sell or otherwise distribute your details, don’t worry they’re safe with us. This is only used for our email updates and these are never going to spam or otherwise considered ‘too frequent or annoying’. There is always the option to unsubscribe in each of the emails you receive, and you can also do so through this site.

For more information, see the Disclosure page.