ExTech HDV540 Videoscope Full, Honest Review 2018

The Extech is a very advanced piece of equipment that lets you insert a tiny camera tube into a confined space and detect things that you otherwise would never have been able to see.

It’s great for locating studs in walls without doing much damage to the wall. You could make a tiny hole in the stud wall and insert the tube inside, allowing you to look for things that could get in the way as you take the wall apart or look for something to screw into.

Extech HDV 540 videoscope reviewed

This review will go over what you can expect when you purchase the Extech HDV540 and some things to consider before buying it. We’ve tried to keep the review simple and easy to understand so you can get a good overview of this product and what it can do.

What’s good about the HDV540

  • A tiny torch on the end of the camera: This allows you to easily light up and view hard to reach areas in tiny holes. Great for locating studs, finding objects that have got lost in a tiny cavity or general DIY work.
  • It’s rechargeable: A lot of stud finders need batteries and the cost for constantly replacing them can add up, but this can just be plugged in and charged
  • Lightweight: It only weighs 14 ounces which considering what it can do, isn’t that heavy. It can be held easily and maneuvered with ease as you go about your work!
  • The tip is waterproof: This makes it even more useful, the video camera on the end of the tube is actually completely waterproof, so you can examine things underwater just as easily.
  • Stores 20,000 images on the memory card: So you won’t ever really run out of memory when you’re taking pictures of what you find.

What could be improved

This is a solid product but some things that could be improved are that it could be longer. The video tube tip is fairly long but it might be slightly better if it was longer and allowed for harder to reach areas. That being said, 95% or more of issues that you’re looking to fix with this will be fixed.

Some things to be aware of

The HDV540 is an advanced bit of gear and it’s expensive. As such, it’s in limited supply and frequently goes out of stock. If you want it or think you’ll need it for work, we’d suggest getting your hands on it as soon as possible. You can see if it’s in stock on Amazon here right now!

The item doesn’t ship everywhere (at time of writing) and if you live in the UK, or various other places you’d have to check at the time you read this that they’re shipping this to where you are. You can check this here. (Opens in a new tab).

Review summary for the ExTech HDV540 videoscope

Overall, it’s a great, solid product. The price tag is high but then again, it can do a lot. It’s a very powerful and advanced bit of kit, and can make certain jobs a thousand times easier for you. It’s worth thinking about what you’ll be using it for, before buying but if you know that it can help you, you can find a great price on Amazon here.

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