DeWalt DCT419S1 12V Stud Finder: Honest Review 2017

The DeWalt DCT419S1 is one of the more popular stud finders from a reliable company. It scans for wood, both types of metal, plastic and live electric – so a general all rounder.

It’s beautifully designed

The colour display screen is a lot more aesthetic than the usual two tone displays we so often see. It allows you to visualise exactly whats behind the surface, without having to read any symbols, instead you’ll simply see a depiction of what’s actually going on: a wooden stud, a metal joist or whatever it may be.

DeWalt DCT419S1  stud finder

Though it seems like a simple feature to be so impressed with, it just makes the job that bit less monotonous.

The device also has an automatic mapping feature that remembers scanned materials over a mapped area of up to 9.8 feet so you can easily see a map of where each detection is in relation to the others. This feature just allows you to take that step back and look at the overview, sometimes an easier way to look at the situation.

It’s accurate

The precision of the DCT419S1 is almost perfect, with a 0.5 inch position accuracy for stud edges. The nearer to the surface the more precise the reading will be, more often than not it will be spot on, but as with most of these devices, the deeper the detection the higher the chance that the accuracy may be closer to the 0.5 inches out.

If you have any doubt though, a quick rescan will take only a few more seconds and just add that extra reassurance.

It perfectly distinguishes between materials, so by following the instructions and simply scanning one way first (for a pre-scan) and then back the other way to reveal findings, not only will you know what material you’re dealing with, you’ll also have a clear idea of it’s dimensions.

It’s quick

Despite this DeWalt being particularly strict on keeping the rolling speed slow for accuracy, it’s other features still mean it’s one of the quickest stud finding devices out there.

Referring again to the automatic mapping feature, all embedded materials are processed simultaneously, making this device a real time saver for the larger jobs compared to more basic models where different modes are required to get the full picture.

Here we can see everything at once, not having to devote too much attention to one spot or one material at a time.

It’s easy to use

The roller wheels on the bottom of the device help it move smoothly over different surfaces. Roller wheels make scanning so much easier, but can leave marks on finished walls so if you’re worried about scratches it might be worth putting some thin material (perhaps paper or cardboard over the surface you intend to scan.

The DeWalt helps avoid human error as much as is possible, the colour screen tells you where to avoid drilling, so you don’t run into any live wires.

It can also be used on different types of surfaces such as drywall, plywood, concrete and ceramic tile, so unless your surface is a particularly obscure one this should serve you well. Whilst this stud finder doesn’t work on as diverse a range of surfaces as the Franklin 710, it detects more materials, and so shouldn’t need to be used alongside other stud finding devices.

It’s perfect for professionals

The battery life is a lot more practical than most stud finders out there, lasting 4 hours, you can easily cover everything you need to without fear of your DeWalt dying on you (unless you’re an incredibly slow at scanning).

You’ll also be relieved to hear that after splashing out on the device you’re not going to have to keep spending on batteries, as this model comes with a charger – a relief for those who’ll be using it a lot.

It’s got a sturdy build, and is somewhat weighty, but has a handle to keep it steady and will definitely wont be as fragile as some of the cheaper models. It also comes with its very own case, so its not going to be at risk of damage or thrown into a generic toolbox.

DCT419S1 review summary

The DeWalt DCT419S1 12V Max Hand Held Wall Scanner is undoubtedly one of the more expensive models, but for good reason.

It’s more of an investment than a one time DIY gadget, it’s designed to be an everyday tool for those in the construction business. You’re paying for quality, ease of use, and the reliability of a DeWalt product. Click here to check prices and read more reviews.

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