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Now, a little background about this website, and its’ contents. This website was started because there were almost no resources for Stud finders on the internet, there were websites selling them, but not really any in depth information on how they work, the best ways to use them, and the best ones to buy. for first time users or buyers, there wasn’t much showing and explaining what they are etc..

That’s why this site was started, to provide a lot of information about them for people doing D.I.Y with wall stud finders, or for builders/people in the trade who want to know more. It’s intended to advise, help, and inform you of the best ways to use them, and where to get the best deals. We want to be the ultimate resource on this topic, and to do that we might need your help. If you’re a builder, or if you have a review of a product you’d like to submit, this option will be available in the future. Watch this space.

Do it yourself (D.I.Y)..

Another reason this site was started was to give people more of a resource and guide for doing things themselves, instead of hiring a builder, it might be better and more rewarding to learn how to put up a stud wall yourself, using a stud finder, woodworking tools and plasterboard etc..

This way, you’d not only enjoy working on your stud wall project, but also..

It wouldn’t cost as much. You’d save money by learning to do it yourself..

You could charge people you know to put up a stud wall. Once you know how to do it of course!

You’d have more control over the layout and details.

You’d be adding a skill to your talent pool. Learning to do something new is always valuable.

If you’re interested in advertising on this site, or could potentially make an offer to buy this domain name, then please get in contact with me at contact AT electricstudfinder DOT com